Steven Kraghmann About1

Steven Kraghmann, originally from Belgium, has always had a sense of awe and wonder for the world around us all.

While studying the patterns and measurements of engineering and what could be created from the knowledge of how things were put together, he also took trips around the world and captured sights most people dream of seeing giving him a perspective both macro and microscopic.

Moving to the United States as part of his job in 2003, he had the opportunity to meet people who focused on less than just the physical world and more on the spiritual world. Soon, the things he’d experienced his whole life started to collide in inspiration.

Steven Kraghmann About2I always felt that there must be more to life than the never ending cycle of routines and tasks,” Steven says. “Questions like ‘why are we here,’ ‘what is our purpose,’ and ‘what comes after this life on earth’ kept me captivated. The ratios of beauty, diversity, and design in harmony with something as simple as the metamorphosis of a butterfly was something that I dwelled upon during my own transformation.”

His own personal sense of awe was heightened as he realized the connection of all living things, the way we perceive them, and the way we share them through words, voice, numbers, and images.

I have always seen nature as something to cherish. Working for almost 15 years in the field of waste water treatment has made me even more aware about taking care and preserving this precious gift that is our home.”

His journeys across the globe enable him to stop and focus on things we all sometimes miss. He hopes that his images inspire others to take time to see the awesome majesty of the world around us. While some of his photography shows the decay of a fallen tree, you’ll see that his focus is that of new life and the cyclical patterns of nature.

From waves of majestic clouds over ancient glaciers, to the smallest bees gathering pollen for the hive, Steven Kraghmannn’s ‘Inspired Photography’ is sure to send you to a moment in time and expand your life as you immerse yourself into his view of the world.

Give yourself the opportunity to disconnect from your daily routine of never ending tasks. Take a moment to be still, quiet, and observe life around you.

Enjoy the silence in nature, watch kids joyfully playing in a park, observe people on the move in a busy airport, or feel the aliveness (or sleepiness) of a city.

Cultivate thoughts of balance, harmony, and oneness with all things. Re-awaken your senses connecting with the wondrous world around you and be inspired!”

Steven Kraghmann with Camera in Clearwater, Florida